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About Aqua Shine

Aqua Shine is proud to serve our greater Montreal community. We get to call a special slice of Canada home – we’ve got an active commercial sector, a comfortable residential region, and people who are happy to live and work in this part of the country.

From Montreal to the Northern Laurentian area, Aqua Shine has got your property covered.


You have plenty of pressure washing and property services companies to choose from. So why is Aqua Shine your solution? We…

Believe in the value of your investment. Whether you own a business that employs hundreds or a home that houses a small family, we’re dedicated to preserving and improving your property.

Balance long and short term needs. Aqua Shine appreciates that your home or business needs to look inviting now and into the future. Our solutions are designed to yield long-term results, so you can have a better home or business.

Provide peace of mind. With $2 million liability insurance and a fully trained team, you can always schedule your commercial or residential service with confidence.

Prioritize green initiatives. Having your best property doesn’t ever have to come at the expense of the environment. By integrating green cleaning products and methods into our property solutions, we uphold a rigorous standard of environmental responsibility.

Guarantee great results. We’ll keep this one simple: We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our work. If you aren’t, we’ll make it right.

Aqua Shine is committed to bringing the best to you: The best customer service, the best process, the best equipment, and the best results. Get the solutions you deserve and explore how we can amplify your commercial or residential property!

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