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Montreal, Quebec

Commercial Window Cleaning

When it comes to your professional business image, windows tend to cover all bases. When they’re clean, they make your property look inviting from the outside – and light-filled and tidy from the inside. They save money on electricity, and they cultivate an atmosphere that is more appealing to employees and customers alike.

Aqua Shine provides the greater Montreal area with commercial window cleaning services that capitalize on the power of your panes.

Rain or Shine Solutions

Thanks to the ever-changing weather in Montreal, your windows require cleaners who can mitigate the effects of many elements and make them look great all year long. We use special cleaning solutions, paired with our skilled approach, to remove everything from dirt to bird droppings. Our philosophy is to combine superior tools, a honed technique, and environmentally responsible approaches to improve the short-and-long-term appeal of your windows. The result is a window that isn’t just crystal clear. It makes your business that much more appealing.

We Bring Full Solutions to Your Windows

The Aqua Shine team isn’t interested in only delivering spotless panes. In addition, we aim to bring our customers a completely revitalized window by focusing on each and every element of your business. Our process includes:

  • Full washing & drying of panes
  • Track cleaning
  • Sill cleaning

Targeting All Glass Cleaning Needs for Your Business

Our window cleaning solution can be applied to more than your panes. Aqua Shine regularly delivers the following solutions to our commercial customers:

  • Post-construction cleanup
  • Exterior light fixture washing
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Patio glass washing

Do your windows project your best business? Make the answer “yes” with the professional help of Aqua Shine!

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