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Dry Ice Cleaning

Need a deep, comprehensive clean on a large scale, but don’t want to risk damaging delicate machinery or a fragile surface? Dry ice cleaning could be your perfect solution. Aqua Shine offers professional dry ice cleaning services to help you remove paint, oil, or other difficult stains, without causing any damage or leaving an annoying residue.

What Exactly Is Dry Ice Cleaning?

With dry ice cleaning, tiny pellets of dry ice (carbon dioxide) are propelled across a surface at high speeds, removing paint, dirt, or other contaminants, while leaving the surface unharmed.

Dry ice cleaning is a favorite in a variety of different industries for its ability to clean gently and thoroughly, without leaving residue or dust. It has been approved by the FDA, EPA and USDA as a safe and effective cleaning method.

What are the benefits of dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning gives a powerful yet gentle clean. While sand and soda blasting clean using abrasive force, dry ice blasting works through a process called thermo-shock. The dry ice is sprayed over the surface at a temperature of -79 degrees C, cooling the surface contaminants or paint to such a low temperature that they become brittle, and the dry ice particles can easily strip them away from the surface. Thus, unlike sand or soda blasting, dry ice cleaning is suitable for more fragile surfaces.

Another benefit of dry ice cleaning is that it leaves no residue. This is because the carbon dioxide that is blasted over the surface immediately evaporates and completely leaves the surface being cleaned. While there may be a bit of residue left from the substance that was scrubbed off of the surface, the cleaning agent itself vanishes as soon as it cleans.

Dry ice cleaning is also an eco-friendly option, as its development doesn’t require any chemical processing. It is thus a safe cleaning agent that doesn’t harm those using it, or the environment.

When Should Dry Ice Cleaning Be Used?

Dry ice cleaning can remove paints, oils, production residues, contaminants, mold and fungi, soot, smoke, tar and bitumen.

It is suitable for almost any surface, such as concrete, stone and masonry, plastic molding, metals and metal equipment, industrial devices and robotics, and conveyors.

Here are some circumstances in which dry ice cleaning can be particularly useful:

  • Cleaning delicate or fragile surfaces that would be damaged by a more abrasive cleaning method;
  • Cleaning electrical equipment that can’t get wet;
  • Cleaning in circumstances (near high heat or electricity) where a non-flammable cleaning method is essential;
  • Cleaning things in place (indoors) that would otherwise have to be disassembled and moved for an outdoor cleaning;
  • Cleaning difficult stains such as graffiti or paint; and
  • Cleaning near food products.

When you hire professional cleaners, you deserve to expect a professional result. At Aqua Shine, we provide that. With our team of dedicated experts and top of the line equipment, we are here to provide you with the best clean you can get. Call today for a free estimate.

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