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Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction or large home improvement products generate a huge amount of debris, dust, and waste. A huge construction or home renovation project is enough stress and work without having to deal with the safe disposal of all of the materials afterwards. Let Aqua Shine take care of complete post construction cleanup for you, and your construction or home renovation area will be professionally clean and free from all debris in no time!

What Is Involved In Post-Construction Cleaning?

There can be quite a number of different things that need to be cleaned after a construction or home improvement project. Sometimes you don’t realize just what a project the cleanup will be until you’re halfway through the project.

Here are a few of the services that Aqua Shine offers as a part of our post-construction cleanup:

  • Removing scuffs, dust, and dirt scuffs from the walls and doors;
  • Dusting all surfaces around the site;
  • Cleaning interiors of cabinets and closets;
  • Cleaning light fixtures;
  • Cleaning window frames, door frames, baseboards, and trim;
  • Cleaning interior glass and removing dirt, grime, or stickers from windows and window blinds;
  • Vacuuming any carpets;
  • Cleaning all floors and removing debris from the site.

A finished construction site is full of all kinds of small shards and fragments that can cause damage to surfaces when not handled correctly. When you’ve just completed a construction project, the last thing you want is for your new walls, floors, or other features to be damaged. Our team of professionals have extensive experience doing this kind of cleanup, and so you can have peace of mind that we will leave the site sparkling clean, without leaving any extra dents or scuffs behind us.

Post-construction cleaning can be used by businesses, schools, households, retail establishments, industrial plants, factories, airports, corporations, construction companies, rental companies, municipalities, and more. We are happy to offer professional post-construction cleanup to any of these industries.

Whether you are a huge corporation or a family working on a home improvement project, let us take care of the cleanup.

Committed To a Clean Environment

At Aqua Shine, one of our priorities is making sure that nothing we do is done at the cost of the environment. We work to uphold high standards of environmental responsibility.

Our work in post-construction cleaning is no different. Some of the waste generated in construction projects can be harmful to the environment, and it is essential that this waste be removed from the site and disposed of properly. Our team of professionals will ensure that this is done to the highest standard on your construction site, for your safety and for the safety of the environment.

A Guaranteed Clean

At Aqua Shine, we guarantee our work. Let our professionals clean up after your construction or home improvement project, and we promise that you will be satisfied with our work. If you’re not, we will make it right.

Reach out to us today for a free estimate on our post-construction cleanup services for your project.

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