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Montreal, Quebec

Pressure Washing

Architectural design, landscaping, paint colors… Sure, these all factor into a welcoming residential property. But Aqua Shine holds firm that the best way to effectively restore your home is simple and inexpensive. Meet our house washing service!

Does my Montreal home need house washing?

Think about the kind of weather we get in Canada. One minute it’s snowing; the next, it’s sunny. Our services ensure that your home is prepared for anything, no matter what the weather has in store for you.

Do you use soft washing for my home?

Two big reasons: It’s safe, and it’s successful, guaranteed. We’re committed to always bringing the best equipment and environmentally-responsible cleaning detergents to your property, so you can get the best service. Using a hose that expels the water at a very low pressure, we can methodically address all of the nooks and corners that comprise your siding. The best part? It’s safe for every type of roofing.

What’s next after my house washing service?

Simply put – You’ll be impressed by the result. Your exterior completely dictates the appearance of your home, so it makes sense that the curb appeal is palpable. Other perks include:

  • Black streak removal
  • Better health (no mold spores!)
  • Awesome curb appeal

Your home shouldn’t get an average service… It should get a superior one. With our dedicated professionals and state of the art equipment, our team is here to make that goal alive. Reach out to Aqua Shine today!

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