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Sand Blasting

In sand blasting, an abrasive material is sprayed at high speeds across a surface, in order to intensely clean that surface, stripping away anything that clings to it (such as paint, stains, or other substances.) This technique is used across many industries to achieve an efficient and fast clean of large surfaces.

Sand blasting is just one of the abrasive blasting techniques we offer. Here are the various abrasive cleaning services we offer, along with their advantages and main uses:

Sand Blasting

A very efficient and forceful cleaning method, sand (available in a variety of different grains) is blasted at high speed across a surface. This method is quick and efficient, and is more affordable than some others. For large-scale jobs, with tough surfaces, this may be the way to go.

Some common uses for sand blasting include cleaning concrete swimming pools and structures, heavy equipment, trailers, tanks and other metal structures.

Crushed glass Blasting

This method uses crushed pieces of recycled glass to clean surfaces at high speeds. It has the advantage of a similar level of aggressive abrasion to sand, without the dust that sand blasting creates. It can also be used on steel, as well as on stone, brick, concrete, and more.

Soda Blasting

The most gentle form of abrasive blasting, soda blasting sends high-pressured sodium bicarbonate over a surface. This process is much less aggressive than sand blasting, and can be used on more delicate surfaces without changing the feel of the surface like sand blasting would.

Because it is gentler and able to preserve the feel of a surface, it is more commonly used to clean wood or sheet steel. Because it does not produce dust or leave sand residue, it is more commonly used for equipment in the food industry than traditional sand blasting is.

Wet sand Blasting

Another form of sand blasting, this method adds water in to the sand mixture, in order to limit the dust that comes off of the sandblasting process. Like traditional sandblasting, it is a forceful, efficient, affordable cleaning method that’s great for large-scale jobs. Because it creates less dust, it can be used in more environments, such as in cleanup projects in the middle of cities, where the production of large amounts of dust is not allowed.

Unlike traditional sandblasting, wet sandblasting cannot be used on steel. However, it is often used on concrete, stone, brick, and other such materials.

Other Blasting Methods

Aqua Shine also offers other blasting methods, such as dry ice cleaning and pressure washing, that may be right for your cleaning project.

All of these cleaning methods, while they do an excellent and efficient job of deep cleaning large surfaces quickly, are quite difficult to carry out safely, effectively, and in an environmentally conscious way. At Aqua Shine, we have a team of trained professionals, and high quality equipment, to get the job done right.

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